Meet Your Modern Hobo: Anthony

Anthony is a great example of how small the touring world really is. I first met him on Warped Tour when he was playing with illScarlett and I was on tour with Against Me! - a few years later he had joined my superpals' band, Arkells. His story and tour hacks are below!

NAMEAnthony Carone


OCCUPATION: Musician/Keyboards

BAND: Arkells

OTHER BANDS YOU'VE PLAYED FORillScarlett/Big D & The Kids Table/The Knockouts/Trouble & Daughter/NEFE & more.

OTHER INTERESTS/SKILLSYoga/Running. I also make a pretty mean pasta sauce & braciole.

YOUR STORYGrew up in Mississauga, ON. My dad always had instruments around the house when I was growing up, so I was exposed to music early on. Began piano lessons when I was six, studied classical piano under the RCM. After high school I attended Humber College with the help of Mississauga’s “Oscar Peterson Music Scholarship”, and graduated with a diploma in music, all the while playing in different bands around the punk/ska scene. After Humber, I played in illScarlett for about 3/4 years, then had the opportunity to audition for Arkells when their keyboardist left to pursue an education in law. Been playing with Arkells for four years now, and I'm still pretty active as a session musician around Toronto.

FAVOURITE PART OF TOUR/TRAVELThe food. Every city has something different and great to offer with respects to food. I always gain a few pounds towards the end of a tour...

TOUR/TRAVEL HACKStocking up on entertainment (movies, TV shows & a new book) always helps the time pass when you have a long drive ahead of you. I've also been blessed with the ability to sleep in any position, so it's never hard to pass out.

BEST TOUR/TRAVEL STORYWhen Arkells were on our European tour with The Augustines last year, we stopped in Warsaw, Poland. The drive was a good 8 hours with absolutely nothing but forest and farmland to look at on the way. Come showtime there were maybe about 5/6 people in the audience, but one couple knew every song from the Arkells' catalogue. Max basically directed the entire show to these two who shouted out songs they wanted to hear (this also began our "all request hour" sets). I just remember thinking that was so cool, how you can travel halfway across the world and have a fan there that knows every song and every word. They made the grueling drive well worth it.