Meet Your Modern Hobo: Sarah

I met Sarah when we were both on tour with Haim, and if there is a perfect example of an inspiring and amazing Modern Hobo, it's her! She is an incredible lighting designer and I'm so glad I got to witness her shows in person. Read on for her tips & stories!

NAME: Sarah Landau

NICKNAME(S): That's private ;)

OCCUPATION: Lighting Designer

YOUR BAND/COMPANY: Current: Grimes, M83, Brand New, Haim, Savages, Childish Gambino, Bleachers, Susanne Sundfør, The Knife, Austra, Zola Jesus.

BANDS YOU'VE WORKED FOR: Past: Purity Ring, Ladytron, Passion Pit,  Beach House, Glassjaw, Gossip, The Faint, Janelle Monae, Jason Mraz, All Time Low.

OTHER INTERESTS/SKILLS: Cave Scuba Diver, master instagram photographer.

YOUR STORY: Moved around a lot as a kid. Studied theatre lighting in college thanks to a wacky and inspirational professor who was best at installation art, not theatre, and learned precious few practical skills but a lot of art.  Fell into concert and event lighting thanks to a craigslist job ad posting for a warehouse position at legendary NYC lighting and sound company See Factor. Got properly schooled by some hilarious characters - old school dudes with wild stories about Rush and Tesla tours in the 80s. Simultaneously worked as a house LD at Irving Plaza and started touring in 2006. Put my stuff in storage a year or so later, been a hobo ever since. Now been to all 50 states, 73 countries, with a very long to-go list.


  1. Making amazing friends and then running into them all over the world.
  2. Using flights to and from "home" to facilitate vacations. 
  3. Every day being different.

TOUR/TRAVEL HACK: Attaching my tour pass to my water canteen so I don't lose either of them, and stay hydrated. My light shows and a good spot at FOH are very seductive to people from Tinder. 

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