Meet Your Modern Hobo: Justin

Justin and I both played on the now-defunct Agency Group slo-pitch team. A former pro ball player, music aficionado and branding/design genius, Justin is another person I've met along the way whose interests have aligned with mine and I hope we continue to work together. Though he's now based in Toronto, Justin has been, lived and worked a whole lot of places, a Modern Hobo at heart. Photos by his wife Ani, an amazing illustrator and photographer.

NAME: Justin Adam

NICKNAMES: Bird, Birdman, J.J., Jay, Moon McMullen

OCCUPATION: Creative, Designer, Artist, Musician.


Was born on a Thursday in August with ants in my pants.

Learned to walk by 9 months.

Broke my first bone when I was 2 (I've broken 3 since then).

Am 6 foot 4.

Banged my head over 1000 times.

Am obsessed with music.

Saw Public Enemy in Detroit with my Dad when I was 13. 

Met Chuck D the next year.

Used to be a pro baseball player.

Was chosen by the Kansas City Royals in 7th round of the 1992 draft… 

Met my pitching hero, Dave Stewart, when I was 20. 

Played on the same team as Mike Sweeney, Johnny Damon and Carlos Beltran.

Fell in front of my whole high school trying to dunk.

Won the dunk competition in Windsor when I was 16, ask ex-mayor Eddie Francis, he has the tape.

(Denis Rodman refused to give me his sneakers.)

Was interviewed on TSN and ESPN. 

Was classically trained in piano. 

Taught myself guitar and drums.

(My last name doesn't have an 's' and it means 'Man'.) 

LOVE Mexican food (and Mexicans). 

Speak Spanish.

Learned to cook from my Mom, Yan and Justin Wilson. 

Have been making hip hop beats since I was 10.

Have lived in over 20 places.

Can lick my own nose.

Have 2 daughters.

Gave De La Soul the short film that I made in the alley behind the Commodore (it won at the Brooklyn International Film Festival.)

Love the rain. 

Can't see 2 feet in front of me without my glasses.

Have the key to the city. 

Was taught by Alastair McCloud. 

(My mom is a saint.) 

Dress the same way as I did when I was 2.

Prefer to walk.

Have a brother and a sister. 

Am the oldest of 30 grandchildren.

(My cousin was an Ultimate Fighter.) 

Believe music can save the world. 

Am bewildered by outer space.  

Wake up at 5. 

Work harder than you. 

Play to have fun. 

Like to help people out. 

Am happy for each day.