Meet Your Modern Hobo: Tory

Tory and I met when we both worked at Live Nation, I was an idealistic kid fresh out of university working in the booking department and she was a super cool Production Manager that I looked up to. We became pals over our time there but our friendship and collaboration really solidified when we both left at around the same time to move to the Artist side and tour, her with Michael Bublé and myself with Billy Talent. I have always made it my mission to surround myself with smart, powerful, badass women, especially those that work in male-dominated professions, and Tory has been a valuable sounding board, collaborative and friend. Check out her tips and tricks below.

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NAME: Tory Class

NICKNAME(S): ToryOnTour - Munko San - Moses

OCCUPATION: Tour Marketing Manager


BANDS YOU'VE WORKED FOR: When I was working as a Tour Production Manager for LiveNation, I had worked with loads of acts, I have some very unique memories from that time. However, the past five years I have been working exclusively for Michael Bublé on his international tours (2010 - 2015).

OTHER INTERESTS/SKILLS: I rummage for vintage clothes. I partake in art collecting. I Love, Love. Eating great food & drinking wine (drinking is a skill, right?)

YOUR STORY: I suppose I got into the touring music business by happenstance, however I have always been quite transient by nature. I was raised in small town Ontario and moved across the country to Vancouver at 20. I had never been there, I only knew two people, had no job prospects... but I sold my belongings and drove my car out West and I am still here!

Many don't know this about me, but I was a Deadhead, which meant I spent many months of the year living in a van, travelling around North America seeing Dead shows. This is where I developed my inner hobo. It was some of the best life/business experience I could ask for, I followed my passion for live music, became an entrepreneur, an accountant, a negotiator and a lover of travel. Without realizing it, this was the portal to my future working in the music business in a touring capacity.

FAVOURITE PART OF TOUR/TRAVEL: The 5-star hotels... no... well, yes. But also it's got to be the BEST Clubhouse sandwich on the planet, at the Savoy in London!

But in all seriousness, I have seen some of the most amazing international art exhibitions and architecture. I have riffled through some of the most amazing vintage shoppes that I still dream of revisiting.. sigh.

TOUR/TRAVEL HACK: I have a few...

1) I travel with a silk pillowcase; it cuts down on bed head and face wrinkles... AND no one will know where you were and why you weren't answering your radio calls.

2) At airports, Global Access/Nexus is a MUST.

3) If there is a sock on the floor of the bus and it's not yours... DO NOT TOUCH IT!! Boys, you know what I'm talking about.. Yuck :/

BEST TOUR/TRAVEL STORY: Perhaps it was my very first tour, which incidentally was with Snoop Dogg, Ice Cube and the Dogg Pound. Uhhh, there were so many firsts on this tour, I learned a lot about Hip Hop idiosyncratic touring and so many unique and bizarre things happened that I seriously can't list them all and probably shouldn't. BUT, I really hit the ground running, developed the skills to think fast on my feet, always have Plan A-B-C in my pocket... because I likely would need them. It was a great and hilarious experience.

ANYTHING ELSE YOU WANT TO SAY?: I have recently wrapped up 22 months on this last record, hit 43 countries, circled the globe 7 times, and visited 6 continents. It's been full of life-altering experiences and enlightening moments in the process. I can't tell you how much I have learned about myself and other cultures. I have been exposed to some very privileged experiences and made friends that will last a lifetime. Although I also have missed many monumental moments at home (weddings, birthdays, anniversaries)... I have no regrets.

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