Meet Your Modern Hobo: Chris

Chris and I met when Aaron from Billy Talent found this awesome drum cover he posted of "Viking Death March" when he was just 15 years old. Aaron suggested we invite him down to play the song with the band so I contacted Chris and he skipped school (with his parents' permission) and came down to hang in Moose Jaw, SK. You can check out that video HERE. It's always refreshing to meet young musicians excited about what they're doing and Chris is a hard worker who is always learning and creating. We've kept in touch over the years and his awesome band Surf Dads is taking the world by storm right now, having just confirmed a bunch of great festivals including The Great Escape in the UK. Read his story below and keep your eyes on Surf Dads!

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NAME: Chris Dimas

NICKNAME(S): Tito, Dingus


YOUR BAND: Surf Dads

BANDS YOU'VE PLAYED FOR: Despistado, Dagan Harding, Bleeker, Bermuda Love, Doubt It.

OTHER INTERESTS/SKILLS: Hockey, Audio Engineering.

YOUR STORY: I've always had music in my life with my Dad and Uncles being in a family band. They would let me come up and play the drums when I was little and that was it! Got my first drum set at age 2, and haven't stopped since. I currently play with a few bands, and have started to do a lot more studio work which I very much enjoy! My dream is to one day be able to make records for bands in my own studio.

FAVOURITE PART OF TOUR/TRAVEL: My favourite part of tour is seeing new things in a new city every day. When you are with good people it is even better. Getting to play music on top of that makes it the absolute best.

TOUR/TRAVEL HACK: I wish I had a good travel hack... But what I think is most important is to keep a positive attitude, always drink lots of water and listen to good music in the van.

BEST TOUR/TRAVEL STORY: One of my favourite moments from tour was when Surf Dads was stopping for gas in White River, Ontario, and somehow our drive side door broke and wouldn't stay closed. No one would help us, and so we had no choice but to duct tape the door shut. We left it like that for 3 days until we got it fixed in Ottawa. It was really stressful at the time but now I look back at that and laugh.