Meet Your Modern Hobo: Ian

Though he is heavily involved in music, I actually met Ian through the hilarious and informative baseball podcast (Productive Outs) he co-hosts with Riley from Thrice. He came down to a show when I toured through SF and we've stayed in touch ever since.

NAME: Ian Miller

NICKNAME(S): None that I know of.

OCCUPATION: Writer/editor/web dork and "musician".

YOUR BAND/COMPANYUC Berkeley during the day, Kowloon Walled City, Puig Destroyer, Roman Cities, and various others at night.

BANDS YOU'VE WORKED FORI've done time in Redemption 87, Skankin' Pickle, All You Can Eat, and a bunch of others over the years.

OTHER INTERESTS/SKILLS: I love baseball, cycling, and vegan cooking.

YOUR STORYI've been playing music for more than two-thirds of my life. It keeps me sane, it makes me whole, and it's allowed me to travel the world, meet amazing people, and have incredible experiences I would never have had otherwise. I wouldn't trade it for anything.

FAVOURITE PART OF TOUR/TRAVEL: It sounds pretty stereotypical, but getting to meet new people, hear new music, and see new sights everyday are all fantastic. Sleeping in the van is a very close second to all of those. 

TOUR/TRAVEL HACK: I started practicing yoga about a year ago and doing yoga on the road has been AMAZING. Tour basically requires you to torture your body: you eat poorly, stay up too late, and generally act like a jerk. Doing something physical (in addition to playing and humping gear) is essential. I load video yoga classes on my tablet and do them in my room whenever I get some free time. Do pushups at a rest stop, stretch in your seat or bunk, or take advantage of the hotel gym. Do SOMETHING to counteract all the dumb stuff you're doing on the road. Your body (and your mind!) will thank you. 


BEST TOUR/TRAVEL STORYHas to be the time a band I was playing in got booked to play a leg of a tour with 311 and No Doubt. Our management booked us in the same hotel as the other two bands in Minneapolis the night of the show at First Avenue show, and a bunch of my bandmates got shithoused and crank-called Gwen and Tony's room all night. They also realized that 311's tour bus -- in which the band and crew were sleeping -- was parked directly outside our hotel window, so they just pummeled it with beer bottles from like 3 to 4 am. The bands eventually figured out who was behind these shenanigans, and while Gwen and Tony were sweethearts about it, the 311 dudes were (understandably) not. Needless to say, we didn't play the rest of that tour!

ANYTHING ELSE YOU WANT TO SAY?: Thanks for asking me to participate, and support your local Hobo! :D