Meet Your Modern Hobo: Marie

This super-babe and I have been friends for a long time, I have watched her go from corporate badass (she has a MBA!) to music-industry maven to musician to her current career, designing amazing jewelry under her brand WASTED EFFORT. Most of my pieces are by her, including a badass custom lanyard she made me that I wear on all my tours. Though not a touring lady, she truly embodies the Modern Hobo spirit and is known to get in a car and end up in the desert. Check her out below!

NAME: Marie Foxall

NICKNAME(S): Hoochiemama

OCCUPATION: Jeweler / Small Business Owner / Pop-up Shop Wrangler / Maker of Various Things / Math Whiz.

YOUR COMPANY: Wasted Effort

OTHER INTERESTS/SKILLS: Avid reader / Excellent gardener / Mediocre drummer.

YOUR STORY: Hooker with a heart of gold.

FAVOURITE PART OF TRAVEL: The way that nothing ever really works out the way you plan, and that's how the most incredible stuff happens.

TRAVEL HACK: Bring a film camera! If you don't have one, spend a couple bucks on a disposable. I'm as guilty of wanting instant instagram gratification as the next guy, but hear me out. If you break out the film camera even only a small fraction of the time, on those occasions you'll spend a few minutes getting the right shot and the rest of the time actually enjoying what's happening around you, instead of half-heartedly snapping a bunch of mediocre phone photos that will never be seen again. Then you get to relive everything when the photos get developed! Remember how rad that felt? You will now!

BEST TOUR/TRAVEL STORY: My pal Mel and I were driving through America on a lengthy road trip and we had been away for almost a month when our trusty golden goose of a Mazda, Geena, broke down irreparably on the Texas/Louisiana border. We called a tow truck and asked the driver to tow her to the nearest junkyard so she could be laid to rest. Once we'd said our farewells to Geena, our tow truck driver Larry insisted on driving us all over town to figure out where the bus station was (it was in a 7-11/sandwich shop). The next bus didn't leave for another 24 hours, so Larry insisted on having us stay the night at his place. After much hesitation (and visions of all worst-case scenarios flashing through our minds), we agreed... and he graciously put us up in his camouflage-decorated, crossbow-filled trailer, ordered us a couple pizzas, told us tales of alligator wrestling and gar fishing, and truly lived up to the hype of Southern hospitality. If you're ever in Bridge City, Texas, and you run into a tow truck driver named Larry... give him ten high-fives in a row from me.

Meet Your Modern Hobo: Franny


Meet Your Modern Hobo (MYMH) is a weekly feature on all the amazing Modern Hobos we know and love, those travellers and nomads who are part of the MH family.

Franny is a talented and lovely woman, and we are stoked to have her as our first featured Modern Hobo - especially since she did the design for the debut MH shirt, Spirit of '93! Read on to find out her story and best tour/travel hacks.

NAME: Francesca Anderson


OCCUPATION: Model / actor / designer / Booted Design creator (Etsy store opening in June).

BANDS: I used to sing a bit with Buck 65, but now I just sing in the shower! Been in music videos for Buck 65, Dear Rouge, Coal Chamber, and Spoon.

OTHER INTERESTS/SKILLS: Cooking, crocheting, learning how to code, illustrating.

YOUR STORY: Although I'm not a music tour nomad, I would definitely categorize myself as a Modern Hobo. I'm in the midst of a transition from Canadian to USA living (I'm an American on my passport, but a Canadian at heart!). For the past 9 months I've been living out of suitcases between Toronto & NYC for modelling and acting gigs. I may settle into a design job with actual working hours, or I may just keep on with the "gig" lifestyle. Part of being a Modern Hobo is just not knowing - which is part of the fun!

FAV. PART OF TOUR/TRAVEL: The excuse of not being able to cook on the road - that means I get to challenge myself to find the best, cheap food in every neighborhood I'm in.

TOUR/TRAVEL HACK: Wear frumpier than usual clothing, rub your eyes red, talk nasally, cough once for good measure. No one wants to deal with interrogating you in this state. This pertains also to long bus rides: grab a seat in the back, sprawl your shit out everywhere, and start coughing like crazy so no one wants to sit next to you. I guarantee you'll have a row all to yourself. 

BEST TOUR/TRAVEL STORY: I was once on a 12 hour bus from Toronto to NYC. The driver fancied himself a comedian and got on the intercom EVERY HALF HOUR for a sports / news / weather / "view from the driver's seat" segment. I wanted to kill myself at the time, but it's a good story now. And it means I can live through anything.